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I'm living my dream working as an Atlanta wedding photographer. Win the lottery tomorrow and I'd still be making wedding pictures the next Saturday. That's the truth. I love my iPhone, sleeping past 10 am, spaghetti doused with melted chedder cheese and being daddy to the world's cutest four year old.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Colin and Claire

Colin and Claire helped initiate me to Piedmont park. They did a great job. I'm learning that the beach was a pretty tough place to take pictures. (Poor Josh) Bright overhead sun is pretty harsh. At Piedmont we found so many great spots. It's neat to have different kinds of light to use. One of my favorite techniques is finding a place where I can use directional sunlight as a "rimlight". You'll see this on a lot of these images if you look close. This provides a beautiful glow to the hair and even more importantly creates a separation from the background that enhances the feeling of depth. That's a big part of the battle in photography. Recreate a 3d world on a 2d medium.

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